Hello World! I am a Born Again Scientist. When humans are born they are natural scientist. We explore our body parts by sucking on our fingers, find a wonderful world of sound by randomly screaming and discover gravity when we fall. I believe a child’s curiosity dies when someone of authority says “Stop!” and “No!” Jeff Olson, author of The Slight Edge, says we hear “No” about 40,000 by the age of five and “Yes” about 5,000. “Eight times the force holding you back.” When a child spills milk, an urge to yell or condemn boils inside ones mind. The child was just doing a science experiment on fluid dynamics.

My life was not so restricted, but I reached an age where the world was my authority figure saying “No.” My curiosity on intelligent subjects ended when the world instilled apathy into me. I believe…I KNOW that a majority of the world has the same story. Instead of learning how to get home at night with only the constellations as your guild, we get caught up into the latest twit from the newest celebrity from the newest reality show or top ten pop song.

I plan on showing you that learning about the sciences that brought you the device to read this blog on are interesting. Chances are that one-hundred percent of your day will be surrounded by things that were made by physicist. Using the tools that scientist made for you begs for your curiosity.

Learning is fun and addictive! My hobbies are learning quantum mechanics, astronomy, politics and all religions. As an inferior student to science compared to most intellectuals, I often find that people listening to my knowledge have less interest in the natural word than a third grader. Where has our curiosity gone? Why do so many adults have so much apathy toward science and the wonders it brings?


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