The Brain that Fights Famine

I need to learn things every day. Education is like oxygen to me. If I am not learning, I am ignorant. Knowledge is power. Questioning everything is my hobby. When I have conversations with people, I ask questions about the subjects they know. The more I learn the more I want to learn. Curiosity brings everything around me to life. Walking down the street can be a learning experience. I may see a bird flying through the air or hear a conversation about an interesting matter. That fowl and that conversation are bookmarked in my mind. The natural world has intrigued me and changed the way I view life. My mental fitness was not miraculous. Education has grown my mind in the same way that food and exercise develop a body. . . read more

You Didn’t Answer My Question

“I’m so busy.” Although everyone says these words, America announces them with a hint of pride. Ask a family member or friend about their life or what they have planned for the next couple of weeks and you will hear the word “busy.” You will not hear exactly what the business entails, but you will get informed of that person’s busy life. I often wonder what “busy” really means. A couple of thoughts come to me when someone responds with the word “busy.”  They don’t want to speak with me anymore, can’t think of a fitting description to their life, don’t know the true definitions of “busy,” think having no time to do anything makes them proud or a combination of the above. The word comes out of a person’s mouth with no thought of an alternative. The over usage of the word “busy” dilutes the meaning and raises additional questions. . . read more

The Fantastic Bonus

. . . Obscure scientists around the world are trying to find the female orgasm’s biological benefit. The upsuck theory proposes that the female uterus directs sperm to the egg when they climax. The Desmond Morris theory says females lie on their back in a tired state after orgasm and semen does not leak out, and other theories mention other “off the wall” suggestions. Although the results for a purpose spark the public eye with positivity and interest, conclusive proof eludes us. Speculation naturally enters our mind especially when the subject involves sex. Maybe humans see social benefits like that of other animals. Maybe females inherited a by-product of fetal development like men inherited nipples. Can we venture into the statement, “Females got lucky with a useless trait of evolution?”. . . read more

Passive Resistance

Prequels to movies can be very fun to watch. The movie, “The Wizard of Oz’ was made over seventy years ago. A prequel to that is coming out explaining the wizard’s origin. Just like movies, the prequels to civil rights activist teach us about today’s activist. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa parks and all such activists would not have been so inspiring if it were not for people of the past. Henry David Thoreau helped create few of today’s most powerful movements. Thoreau’s story of a humble and peaceful life in the woods sets the precedence for his passion of disobedience. Disobeying what the government tells one what to do is . . . read more

The Teenage Adult

. . . Teenagers are sometimes treated like toddlers with no focus in life and told, even forced, what to do, regardless of their wishes. In Juno the teenage protagonist carries her baby to term, gives the unplanned baby to a couple desiring parenthood, and focuses on school. Her decision shows the maturity teenagers can possess. . . read more

Freedom Evolves From Thought

. . . “never question the word of God.”…My science teacher taught evolution among many wonderful facts about the natural word, but my mind was closed and intelligence was oppressed. The battle in my mind as an adolescent relates to the story of Inherent the Wind. The movie shows the thin line societies have between reverting backward or progressing forward to a freer people. . . read more


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