Politics and religion

pictue of man thinking

Politics and religion sometimes go hand in hand. When you talk about one, the other just seems to slip in eventually.  My new found love of politics has actually do religion. I became obsessed with religions because of their similarities and faults. About two years ago after. I have had much headbutting with politics in my research on the subject of faith. I’ve actually took a class at HACC (Harrisburg Community Area College) about politics which I knew nothing about.

Now I can consider myself an average political junky. Politics and religion are very similar to sports and food. If a child does not like onions her whole life, you may find that the father or mother or both dislikes onions. The same can be said with football teams, politics and religion. I find myself asking other individuals questions about their beliefs. And, the answers I listen to are that of apathy and alienation. The individuals just don’t care or they try to take themselves away from the subjects. I believe this is not a good way to go because your life could be immediately affected by one of these. Even though our first Amendment clearly states there should be no respect for the establishment of religion, religious lobbyists are very powerful. The world is very dangerous to mix these two. The dark ages exemplifies the oppression of the combined two. I spend most of my time reading newspapers and watching news programs (especially syndicated media that is funded by the viewers). Politics are often easier to talk with someone about than religion because they don’t find it so personal.


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