The Brain that Fights Famine


Eric Stiffler

24 September 2012

I need to learn things every day. Education is like oxygen to me. If I am not learning, I am ignorant. Knowledge is power. Questioning everything is my hobby. When I have conversations with people, I ask questions about the subjects they know. The more I learn the more I want to learn. Curiosity brings everything around me to life. Walking down the street can be a learning experience. I may see a bird flying through the air or hear a conversation about an interesting matter. That fowl and that conversation are bookmarked in my mind. The natural world has intrigued me and changed the way I view life. My mental fitness was not miraculous. Education has grown my mind in the same way that food and exercise develop a body.

To develop a sound mind and body, you need to consume the correct food and information. Coming home from school was the best part of a school day when I was growing up. I would run home from the bus, open the door, sit on the couch and become a sloth. My grandmother made me food that was quick to eat and not unhealthy, but I would sit on that couch and watch cartoons and trash TV such as the Jerry Springer show. When I transformed to a kid again, I would go outside and play with friends that just got finished watching the same things. We never discussed why we are here on earth, or how do we have a house and not others. The fact that I was only feeding my mind in school didn’t occur to be harmful or wrong until I was an adult. Now the organ in my skull operates all day. When I see a TV show like New Jersey Shore, my mind feels the same as a body does with cigarette toxins. A nutritious diet for my thought process has been reading books and watching videos of people I admire in the scientific community.

Our minds need to be fed on a regular basis in order to keep it healthy and maintain strength. I have noticed my body and the food that goes into it more and more as I age. The same can be said about my intelligence. When I have a conversation with an intellectual, I notice subjects I can’t relate to or don’t understand. That bothers me. The internet can help one learn anything they wish to. Books hold focused information that can be carried with you. Newspapers are printed every day for a reason. New information is endorsed all around us to use. I love walking around after I have gained new knowledge for a day. Everything looks different. The human mind is the most complex organ on earth and the maintenance required to keep it running is high.

I am constantly feeding my brain the information it needs for me to feel that it is healthy. My life before this interest was filled with doubt and fear of that doubt. Looking to the heavens is the most intriguing thing to me now. I look at a star with wonder and excitement. The unknown empowers me to study. Walking down the street was a one-way one-thought journey. Nothing in the known world around me mattered because it didn’t affect me. There must be a day where one asks, “What is that and how does it work.” Asking that question can have a life changing effect. My mind is always starved now for more and more. I need to know more about everything. Although my body is not as fit as I would like it to be, my mind is moving toward a goal of mental fitness.



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